Five Seasons Sports Clubs represent the ideal combination of an expansive offering of sports and fitness activities coupled with the personal attention and ambiance of an upscale club where an entire family can go to exercise, socialize, compete, or simply relax.

20+ Years of Tennis Excellence

Five Seasons tennis programs take a grass roots approach centered on early development of players, especially 7 to 15 years of age. With our talented team of tennis professionals, this strategy has led to over hundreds of state champions, more than 300 NCAA college players and millions in scholarships, and several players on the professional tour, including the top ten national tour.

Development of tennis players and a focus on the basics and building a strong foundation, regardless of age, is the priority at Five Seasons Family Sports Club. We offer a variety of tennis programs and clinics for kids, teens, and adults at every level from beginner to professional.

Five Seasons Family Sports Club provides 8 indoor air-conditioned tennis courts featuring LED lighting, per location. Any age and level can participate and getting started is easy and affordable! Whether you're a junior or adult, beginner or advanced, competitive or laid back, we've got what you need! Our programs are tailored to help improve any skill level.

Tennis in 5

This is a program built for beginners at any age and includes FIVE lessons, teaching the basics on how to rally, serve, hit groundstrokes, hit volleys, score and play! We do more than teach, we elevate your game. From your first racquet to your new second serve, you'll see the difference right away in your game.

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Ride the Pickleball Wave

Pickleball is a popular social racquet sport for every age and fitness level. Join in the fastest growing sport in America. Pickleball is a mix of tennis, racquetball, and ping pong that's played on our tennis courts. Five Seasons is a great place to learn game of pickleball, master it for competitive play, and participate in pickleball social events. Pickles & Pints is a great way to combine the game and fun in one! It's a great workout, easy to learn, doesn't require much equipment, and is a fun social activity. All locations offer year round indoor pickleball, and some clubs offer outdoor courts.

Ready to move your Pickleball game indoors? Five Seasons has 56 indoor courts between the 4 locations. Learn More about our Pickle Pass for the experienced baller, or Pickle in 5 for the introductory level!

Pickleball in 5

Ride the national wave and get involved in this sport with FIVE lessons, teaching you the basics of the game.

Learn more about our Racquet in 5 programs and all fitness, family, and social opportunities at Five Seasons Family Sports Clubs.

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Kids Programming

Kids and families are a priority at Five Seasons. Kids Club enables parents the opportunity to work out or playing tennis while children 8 and under are in a safe, fun, and supervised environment. Kids Camps, known as Camp Five Seasons, are designed for summer and school holidays, creating fun activities including crafts, gym play, board games, swimming, tennis and more. Additional kids programming is offered based on seasonality and location.

* may vary by location